Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sam's Graduation!

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I feel compelled, as a proud pet-parent to announce Sam's graduation from Pet Smart's Beginner Training program.  After eight long weeks of hard work learning how to sit, lay down, stay, come, greet strangers, shake, do doggie-push-ups, and walk (better) on a leash, Sam successfully graduated on Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010.  Yay!!! Congratulations Sam! :) 

I have to say I love animals, and have loved all of my dogs dearly, but I'm not usually one of those...well, one of those (what I would call) wacky obsessed dog owners.  However, Sam is pretty darn handsome, and his personality is just unmatched. So, yes, he has captured my heart. And in the three months since I've adopted him, he has made astounding progress. 

Below are some pictures of Sam on graduation day, and a funny little video...demonstrating how noisy it can be in my condo and how difficult it is to study law sometimes....

Me siento obligada, como la orgullosa madre de un perro fenomenal, anunciar la graduación de Sam de su clase de entrenamiento. Después de ocho semanas largas de mucho trabajo, en las cuales aprendió cómo sentarse, imponer, permanecer, venir, saludar a extranjeros, sacudida la mano, hace subidas de empujón de perrito, y caminar mejor con una correa, Sam se graduó exitosamente el jueves, el 2 de septiembre de 2010. ¡Oju! ¡Felicitaciones Sam! :)

Aqui he puesto algunas fotitos de Sam y yo el dia de su graduación. Y ya supongo que estais harto de leer sobre Sam...asi que os aseguro que a partir de ahora, empezare escribir sobre otras cosas.


  1. Congratulations Sam! Your grandma and granddad are both proud of how far you have come since being rescued from the DDFL. And, we are especially happy that you enjoy your squeaky toys so much, especially since you have taken your favorites home with you. Ha! Ha! Keep up the good work and before you know it you will be running "beside" your mom!

  2. hahahaha "beside" me...that's good Mom. :) optimistic. extremely optimistic.